Lila Reynolds

As a first time customer I can say your place is first rate.  First thing I noticed how clean and bright your place was.  Secondly, your staff was very friendly and accommodating…in fact the item I went in for was not needed once your mechanic had a look at my car.  Honestly is a major plus and I will certainly not hesitate to use your garage whenever my car needs servicing.

Gerry Pittman

As always, the staff and service displayed the highest level of competence and professionalism.  The most economical solution to a problem is always pursued considering the age and condition of the vehicle.  Thank you.

Jackie Elliott

Harold’s is the most honest and caring garage I have ever been to…no matter where I travel I know I can call Harold’s and either Dan or Kirk will call the garage that my truck is in and talk to their mechanics to make sure I am not being ripped off.   I am a girl and some garages think I don’t know what I am talking about…which is very true, but hey, a phone call….and the guys from Harold’s know what they are talking about.  LOL   I travel across Canada a lot so that reassurance is always great….and that friendly “Hey” from everyone when you walk in is amazing and starts the day opff great.  Makes you feel like you are important to them.