Giving Back To Our Invaluable Seniors Community – Nov 2010

“Whatever did I do to be so blessed today?” she exclaimed as she hugged her gift bag to her chest & headed out our door to her home. Susan Cerutti was one of 40 seniors (65+) & their friends we proudly invited to our shop on September 25th for our Free Seniors Car Care Vehicle Safety Clinic.

Like any visibly identifiable group in society seniors are often fodder for seemingly innocent jokes, sometimes hurtful comments & although “visible”, treated as invisible by younger folks who navigate roughly around them in traffic or nudge them aside when shopping or at community events. The hard work of those same seniors created the lifestyle & amenities we enjoy today so we wanted to recognize them for the blood, sweat & tears that secured our collective future.

It was an extraordinary day with each senior receiving over $260 in free diagnostic vehicle services. Phone inquiries received were at times both uplifting & heartbreaking but thoughts on the event were crystal clear. During the day seniors laughed & some even shed a tear.

Some told ribald jokes & others simply waited, entertained by the “chaos” while enjoying extremely tasty baked goods. All clearly enjoyed feeling appreciated & generously showed us that this day meant something special to them.

Unbelievably, one young volunteer made the effort to help out even though residing at the top of the lung transplant list. This young man may have extremely limited lung function, but has 150% heart function. After reading about the event in the newspaper, some financially secure seniors even cancelled their appointments to make room for seniors with limited resources.

Our entire staff generously donated their time along with 17 hardworking volunteers who vacuumed & cleaned the interior of all 40 vehicles!! Twenty nine additional businesses came together to provide prizes, dinner certificates, free meal vouchers, free gate passes, discount coupons, candies, home baked goodies, no-cost advertising & much more. As word spread, even more businesses called us seeking to support the event, truly displaying generosity of spirit & will. We’re proud to be part of a business community with such a big heart & doubly proud of our incredible staff – some who sacrificed travel, hockey tourney & other plans.

We can’t thank our generous sponsors enough for helping create this day. As no one contribution is more appreciated than another they’re simply listed alphabetically. Please remember them when choosing services in our community.

AutoTrim Design J K Trucking Napa Auto Parts
Blanchette VanDyk Valgardson Logue Junk Away Norbridge Pharmacy
CKVN Radio 98.1 Lethbridge Journal Norbridge Village Market
Clear Sky Radio 94.1 Lethbridge Herald Paramount Printers
Clearly Lethbridge Leth Senior Citizens Organization Peter & Clarke’s Hair Company
Country 95.5 FM Mac Tools Plains Kandie Jobbers
CTV Television Michelle’s Memorable Meals Rotary Club of Lethbridge East
Edible Arrangements Mike Spencer Geometrics Snack Factory
General Collision Centre Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens Terrasol BodyTalk & Yoga
Honker’s Pub Uni-Select Silver Automotive Ltd.

Susan Cerutti was also the delighted winner of our Surprise $100 cash grand prize draw!! Volunteer Maryanne Hornberger won the fresh fruit bouquet…..although the rest of the cleaning crew fell upon it immediately & I’m not sure she even got a taste for herself. No-one left empty handed or empty hearted & our staff had lots of fun. Perhaps some day we’ll all be lucky enough to be seniors ourselves while still enjoying the privilege of having a vehicle needing to be serviced!!

You may have noticed our redecorated shuttle van zooming around town. We’ve made it more visible to add to your safety & provide more information to drivers contemplating vehicle service options. Please note our van is a 1999 Nissan Quest with 255,456 Kms. We purposely drive this well-used vehicle to demonstrate the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance as opposed to purchase of a new vehicle.

Thanks to Carol’s excellent driving skills our shuttle safety delivers customers throughout the city every day & is mechanically safe & sound, but the best part is IT’S PAID FOR!! Keep this in mind next time you weigh options regarding maintenance vs. replacement of your present ride. A small investment in a thorough inspection can determine overall condition of your present vehicle & give you viable options to keep more cash in your wallet.

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