It’s All About Trust – Mar 2010

February – it started out so well. Balzac Billy announced an early spring for Southern Alberta, the weather warmed up, the wind went away, & encouraging economic news trickled out. Dwindling stories of loss, fraud & financial ruin gave us hope for a rebound in our collective economic future.

Then Haiti suffered a massive earthquake causing chaos – forcing survivors into a dismal existence with scarce resources. Victims waited in vain every day for the rescue that failed to materialize until in many cases, far too late.

Toyota was rocked by recalls & consumer doubt damaging stellar brand name trust held since the 60’s.

This week a highly respected member of the Canadian armed forces was charged with unspeakable crimes. Jessica Lloyd & Cpl Marie-France Comeau’s lives were snuffed out in horrific fashion – at least two others violated – their trust forever tainted. Trust in our armed forces – the last bastion of safety for Canadian lives – was stained by the actions of one pathetic man.

Trust has taken a beating over the last while. We trust others to help, to safeguard our health & financial futures, to enrich but not detract from or damage the minds & lives of our children. What kind of life can there be without trust??

We’ve been asked “why do you bother standing around talking with the customers? Why do you care anyway? Wouldn’t your time be better served in another way??” Absolutely not. The conversations we have with you not only help us to make appropriate recommendations targeted to meet your circumstance & vehicle care needs, but form a bond of trust. A trust we take very seriously.

Growing up I spent countless hours in my Dad’s cabinet workshop holding precious hardwoods for cuts, sanding edges – fetching tools – at times making a royal nuisance of myself. Then he would send me to find the specialty tools like “wood stretchers”. I realized over time my extraordinary good fortune in witnessing & learning from the unwavering actions of a man who, at 95 years, still exemplifies all that is good in trust and human relations. I learned there is never an excuse for shoddy workmanship – there is never a reason to do less than your very best when someone places their trust in you.

There can be no trust without accountability. That’s why in our shop the buck stops directly on Brian’s desk, & on my desk. That’s why we are readily accessible to answer questions or resolve any issues that arise. We serve seniors, single parents, business owners, service providers, executives, students & young adults who’s safety and futures literally are in our hands when they walk out the door.

Providing the service excellent we are known for means taking time to know you. You won’t usually physically witness the efforts made to do the very best we can for you – to treat your financial resources with the same care & attention we treat our own – to ensure the highest standards of ethics, technical proficiency & professionalism are used for your vehicle.

Harold’s Auto Service is privileged to serve. It makes no difference how much you spend on your clothing or your car. Regardless of your financial status, it is our pleasure to honor in every way possible the trust that is placed in us.

We meet the most amazing individuals in our community – people dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Those people are our hero’s – they are who we strive to emulate, just as we wish to be a company that others want to be like.

Stop by – have a coffee – get to know us – even if you don’t have an immediate vehicle need. Tell us your story – perhaps in some small way we’ll be able to take a little of the stress & worry out of your life & replace it with a smile.

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