Proud To Be Small Business of the Year – Dec 2010

“Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail” (unknown) What a thought provoking statement!! Since Feb 2006 when Brian & I achieved full ownership, our primary “worthy goal” has been to provide a highly personalized & completely different auto service experience to every customer while employing highly ethical personal & business practices aimed at elevating public perception of our entire industry.

On October 19th we received public affirmation of our efforts when we were awarded the 2010 Chamber of Commerce / Business Development Bank Small Business of the Year Award. We are so very proud of daily strides we take to meet our worthy goals & extremely proud of our staff family without whose commitment & expertise this would not be possible. We were on vacation & unable to attend the awards presentation, but learning that we had won had us walking on clouds during our vacation & provided renewed impetus to work even harder to achieve future worthy goals when we returned to work.

We have sought to lead by example, setting ourselves apart from the ordinary in auto service. We foster a co-operative atmosphere; encouraging our staff to work hand in hand to provide the highest standards of personal service & technical expertise to every customer & vehicle that comes through our doors. We empower our staff with the authority & tools required to give you answers or respond appropriately to any situation – be it diagnostic, warranty, pricing, technical expertise or any other concern. We are committed to seek out & exceed each customer’s varying personal service expectations while remaining blind to financial status, clothing, gender, race or creed.

We encourage our staff, suppliers & valued customers to make themselves part of the big picture in life – to feel free to be who they are & we pledge to respect each one, appreciate their individual differences & encourage all to spread their wings by upgrading skills, learning more about their vehicle, or finding out how they can take an active role in making our community a better place. Several years ago we decided that apart from the Fallen Firefighter’s Association & Association of Canadian Police Chiefs, we would support only local causes & individuals. Charitable donation receipts are not our goal. It is easy to find local groups & individuals who can benefit greatly when someone makes even a small difference in their lives or circumstance. Focusing our philanthropic efforts locally provides a high level of personal reward to Brian & I & we hope it encourages other individuals & businesses to make an impact by giving back to the community & citizens who support them, provide their livelihood or move unnoticed through their daily lives.

We thank each & every one of you – customers & business associates – tow truck drivers & medical professionals. From our awesome parts suppliers to the stay-at-home Moms, you all contribute to our success & we welcome you to travel along with us on this amazing journey. We offer our humble gratitude to you all & thank Glen Seeman for acknowledging our efforts & nominating us for this prestigious award.

In August 09 we took a leap of faith with the inaugural Fuel For Thought newsletter. With timid expectations, we crossed our fingers for positive response. Over a year later we are firmly committed to continuing this publication. We regularly receive positive feedback from people just like you. Some enjoy the jokes – some enjoy the articles – many rush to the phone to enter the monthly Free Oil Change draw.

Recently a senior told me the newsletter made him pause & think about his opinions & encouraged him to learn about new developments & subjects he had never before considered. This is far more than we hoped for. There is a vast & expanding world of knowledge available to us all today from countless sources & if our humble mailing can pique your interest enough to want to learn more, we are ecstatic. If we can provide some measure of education, entertainment or peaceful distraction, we’ve achieved yet another worthy goal.

It’s time to make safe winter driving a priority. In my personal experience, nothing was more terrifying than being stopped at the roadside in a blinding snowstorm, buffeted by trucks & vehicles hurtling by – with no way to improve the situation for myself & my young sons.

Please have your vehicle winterized, tires & systems checked, & keep a well stocked emergency pack in your vehicle – even for in-town driving. If you would like a list of recommended items for your emergency pack we’d be happy to send one out to you along with detailed instructions regarding safe vehicle boosting for cold weather no-starts. It’s extremely important to know that boosting another vehicle the wrong way can cause costly &/or permanent damage to modern vehicle computer systems & modules.

More Critical Safety & Comfort Tips – If you have a problem on the road but can still run the engine occasionally, a luxuriously full fuel tank can provide intermittent heat & light until help arrives. Make sure to keep falling/blowing snow from blocking your radiator & front grill & refresh cabin air quality occasionally by opening windows a crack. Odorless but deadly Carbon Monoxide can build up in your vehicle interior if snow blocks your exhaust pipe OR if wind is blowing from the reverse of your vehicle OR simply by idling for extended periods of time. Your personal & family’s on the-road safety is our prime concern at all times of the year.

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