Why Do You Enjoy Dealing With Harold’s Auto Service – Oct 2010

Today’s marketplace is flooded with choices for consumer goods, services & those who provide them. Wading through available options can make deciding where to invest your trust & your hard earned dollars a daunting task. Consumers are enticed through frivolous marketing campaigns, mind boggling advertising gimmicks, and at times questionable business practices that sometimes leave you to wonder what the focus of a particular business could possibly be. The focus of Harold’s Auto Service is your personal & family safety & doing our best to exceed your vehicle service & maintenance expectations.

In last month’s Fuel for Thought we asked you to take a few minutes & send us your thoughts on “Why do you enjoy dealing with us??” Why do you place your trust in Harold’s Auto Service? We chose Chris Krysak to win the $75 certificate as his answer most succinctly embodies all that we try to do for our customers. We’d like to share three of the responses with you!!

“Harold’s Auto Service is great to deal with, the staff are very friendly & they explain the problems with my vehicle completely & in terminology that I can understand. Plus when I talk to my mechanic friends, they tell me that pricing is really good.” … Chris Krysak

Chris’ service experience with us is by design. Having confidence that we keep you fully informed regarding necessary vehicle repairs & future service needs helps you make educated choices for vehicle service. In fact, knowing about upcoming service needs keeps you in control of your wallet, allowing you time to build vehicle repairs into your family budget.

No-one can ever be absolutely certain if or when a part will fail – those unexpected circumstances are out of our control. If it does happen, we give our staff the authority to take extra time to inform & demonstrate repair issues to you – with the help of various vehicle system aids – to help you better understand complex system & part interactions taking place out of sight on your vehicle. We want you to feel comfortable with the financial decisions you make regarding auto repair & maintenance.

“I recently had my brake light come on & did not know or have a clue why it did that. I brought my vehicle over to your shop. Kirk quickly took a look & advised that the brake light lever was not off all the way. If I would have taken it to another shop it would have been a brake job. I thank you guys for always being totally honest – I do not like being taken advantage of. Way to go Kirk. This is why I like dealing with your shop, and I pass on the word to others”. … Mabel Harrold

Mabel has had an intimate working relationship with the automotive industry for many years & is definitely “in the know” when it comes to auto repair technicians & shop operation. It only took Kirk a few minutes to step outside to put Mabel’s mind at ease. A quick visual inspection relieves owner concerns regarding vehicle system integrity & personal safety until the vehicle can be brought in for repairs or maintenance & in the long runs is an invaluable tool to build customer trust.

Providing this type of service is an investment in our future & yours. If Mabel was uncertain she could count on an honest assessment of a potentially dangerous safety issue, she might have held off responding to the brake warning light on her dash.

“The Number 1 reason why I enjoy dealing with Harold’s Auto Service is the people. Brian, Kirk, Chris, Beverly, & all the others. They are always very pleasant, and provide superior customer service. I feel confident in what they tell me in regards to any repairs for my truck. The pick-up & drop-off service is the cherry on the sundae!! … Donna Murray

Offering services tailor-made to client needs means stepping away from normal routine to meet widely varying individual requirements. Over the years Donna’s has rarely, if ever voiced an “expectation”. Although faced with physical challenges that limit her life & mobility she is consistently positive, productive & one of the happiest people we know. We’re happy to drive to her home, pick up her vehicle & deliver it back to her when we’re done with the inspection & service process.

Donna’s safety & her truck’s reliability & roadworthiness are of prime importance as her creative abilities are not limited in any way. Donna creates & distributes her beautiful hand-made tack & gear to horse lovers across Western Canada.

While this was a special effort to access feedback, we count on you to tell us what you think & provide the information we need to tweak our systems & our attitudes to keep us fully aware & in touch with the minds of our customers & friends.

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